Advanced Open Water Diver

Rebreather Expedition Trimix Diver


This program is designed to train OC or Rebreather Divers already involved in deep diving activities to more safely conduct exploration dives requiring extended decompression profiles and helium-based gas mixture.

How deep can you dive with the IANTD Rebreather Expedition Trimix Program?

Rebreather Expedition Trimix Diver Programs may be conducted to a maximum depth of 400 fsw (120 msw).

What do you need to enroll in this program?

    • Must be a qualified IANTD Rebreather Trimix Diver or higher

Must be a minimum or 21 years of age without guardian approval.

  • Must provide proof of a minimum of 100 Rebreather Dives including 50 Rebreather Trimix Dives and a total of 300 dives between OC and RB.

What is the minimum materials requirements?

  • IANTD Rebreather Expedition Trimix Diver Student Kit

What this program must include?

  • Academic Sessions
  • Confined Water Sessions
  • Open Water Sessions
    • Out of Gas Scenario;
    • Regulator Failure Drill, Practice of ALL Emergency Scenarios and much more …

What makes an IANTD class different?

  • More knowledge!
  • More Practical Skills & Emergency Drills
  • Focus on have better, more confortable and safer divers

Why you should enroll to an IANTD Programs?

  • Simply because Train Divers is What Does Best;
  • IANTD is always ahead of time and leading the diving education as we are known to be always the First to Teach;
  • IANTD has a well elaborated and progressive training.

Just to list a few of classes you can enroll in after this one!

  • Rebreather Cave Diver (OC, SCR, CCR)
  • Rebreather IWR Diver (OC, SCR CCR)
  • Rebreather Wreck Diver (OC, SCR, CCR)