From the beginning of our new stage, the management platform was the main focus of the IANTD team. The first months were an intensive work thinking how to improve what already had, studying the structure we wanted to build to have everything more controlled, and in the end, try to code all those ideas.
We do not deceive you if we tell you that they were hard months, of ideas that were tried to be carried out and that in the end did not develop, either because the original idea seemed much better than what really materialized in the web, or by the complexity of To program what was wanted or because of the limitations that had the tools that we had at our disposal.
Finally we were able to launch a functional management platform, with which we could already work, and also laid the groundwork for future functionalities that were intended to be introduced. From here, in addition, we want to emphasize the patience that you all had to learn the new operation of the platform, and all the help you gave us indicating the errors that appeared on the platform and even improvements that could be introduced.
Now, along with the remodeling of the portal, we have made one of the changes that we most want to realize, which is the separation of the platform into two clearly differentiated areas: the personal part and the professional.

Personal area (

In this new section of the platform, all, I repeat, ALL members registered in IANTD Spain will have a summary of their file in IANTD, with their data, license numbers … and a summary of their certifications, both those already made and those that are in progress.
Of which they are in progress each person will be able to find the available documentation (we continue working on this subject, you can see the information in this link), such as manuals, workbooks, tables …
Of those that are already finished, each user will be able to download the virtual card and the diploma of end of the certification. These two documents will always be available to the user, so that you can display them anywhere for your use.
And finally, this will also be the publication of some of the future functionalities that are already planned, which seek to improve the diving experience with our organization.

Professional area (

This section is where we are currently making the greatest efforts of renewal.

For some time we have been working with new tools to remake all the code in this part, so that it is much more scalable, that the improvement of the features contain the least amount of possible errors, try to improve your experience of use through new technologies , And, of course, try to renew the aesthetic to make the deal with information more enjoyable.

Many of these changes are obviously internal and programming and are not easy to see, but we assure you that we are constantly working to make your work with us as comfortable as possible.

Thank you very much for all the efforts you make to help us improve.