Within the great changes that we are preparing for this new year, we always thought that this should be the first of all.

Taking advantage of the fact that IANTD USA had decided to renew its corporate image, the web of IANTD SPAIN could not be left behind. In this way we started working to try to give a slightly more modern touch to the web, and also load it with all the information that could be useful for all of you. From here, the creation of the new site focused on some aspects:

  • Complete list of certifications. Now you have the complete list of certifications, separated by the different courses that exist. In each one of them, you will be able to find the objective, access requirements and a small description of what you will find in it.
  • List of instructors. Maximum visibility to be easy to find the instructor that best suits your needs, both training level and geographic proximity, since the instructors are divided by autonomous communities.
  • Lsit of facilities. As in the case of instructors, we also try to give maximum visibility to our centers. That is why you will find within each center, a list with the forms of contact they have and their different profiles in social networks. There is no excuse for not locating them.
  • And still a lot work to do. The renovation is not finished. These are some of our next challenges:
    • Renovation of the administration platform, to make it much simpler, flexible and attractive, following all the recommendations that you have been contributing.
    • Creation of a user area much more pleasant and functional, completely separated from the professional part.
    • Creation of a system to log the dives.
    • Renovation of the educational platform,
    • And many more ideas we have in mind…

This is summarized a kind of declaration of intentions for the new year, in which we hope to continue counting on all your support.